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Possible scenarios of Grandma slipping and falling or just simply fainting while reaching for a package of Swiss cheese ran through my mind as I speed walked down the main walkway.

Glancing into each grocery aisle, my eyes quickly scanned the heads of the shoppers, searching for the bright teal crocheted headband Grandma wore that day.

She was nowhere to be found.

I had only left her a few minutes ago in the pasta aisle so I could run to the other side of the store to pick up a new crockpot. I told her that I would be right back and meet her at the end of the aisles.

How fast can an 80-something year old granny food shop? Apparently much faster than her granddaughter speed walking to the other side of the store and back.

After walking the aisles and checkout lanes about 10 times, I finally found her - she had already checked out and was waiting by the front door.

I Lost Grandma at WalmartAfter sorting out how our communication wires got mixed up, I realized that it came down to following our normal shopping routines. And, her routine was different than my routine. She heard my parting words as she chose her spaghetti noodles, but she followed her normal routine of meeting at the front door when she was finished.

Ideally, I should have discussed with her before entering the store what we each needed to pick up and where to meet if we were separated.

Each person has his own routine, and when that routine or their set expectations are not followed, things can get a little messy.

The whole idea of staying at a vacation rental property while on vacation is still a fairly new concept to many people. Their buy celebrex routine may still be to sleep at a hotel when they do their traveling, or maybe they normally park their RV at a campground when they get away from the daily routines.

The number of travelers choosing a vacation rental property is steadily increasing, so there are many travelers unfamiliar with the routine of booking and staying at a vacation rental property.

A few of the routines that vacation rental owners have that a traveler may not be aware of are:

  • There is no standard way to book a vacation rental. Some owners use online methods, and other owners only take reservations by phone.
  • The listed price may or may not include taxes, cleaning, or other fees.
  • Access to the property may be a code or a key or both.
  • The checkout instructions may be basic, common sense duties like locking doors and windows, or they could be an entire page of items to complete and check off.

Vacation rentals are not like hotels, though.

We are the star shape in a toddler's shape sorting toy.

Each vacation rental property has its own personality. Each one has its own routine.

And to best serve your guests, all you need to do is make sure that your routine and expectations are communicated clearly and up front, not on the fly while Grandma is checking the nutrition label on the noodles.

What routine do you have that you are clear and upfront about with your guests? Booking fees? Check out instructions? No wi-if or linens? Share in the comments below, please!

Tyann Marcink
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Are you ready to get serious about your vacation rental property?

7 vacation rental experts to follow in 2014
Seven vacation rental experts to follow in 2014.

Wondering where the best source of information is?

I've got you covered. Here are the 7 vacation rental experts to follow in 2014. Some of these experts have been sharing their knowledge for awhile, and others are quickly making their mark.

My "go-to" favorites, in no particular order:

1. Heather Bayer at Cottage Blogger

I had the pleasure of meeting Heather at the HomeAway Summit in May 2013 when she spoke about the Power of WOW. Fabulous information that kept me nodding my head in agreement the entire session.

What I like about Heather, besides her accent, is her pleasant and straightforward way of explaining vacation rental owner tips and issues. Watch for her 101 Ways to Creating Loyal Vacation Rental Fans eBook (with contributions from many different vacation rental owners) to release later this year.

2. Matt Landau at Vacation Rental Marketing Blog

Matt is a VR celebrity if were to ask me to name one in the industry. He has had his property featured several times in major publications, including CNN, Business Week, and the US News & World Report. Matt also frequently writes for other industry blogs including FlipKey, the HomeAway group, BiggerPockets, and more.

This year Matt is taking on a crazy experiment, kind of like "Extreme Makeover VR Style." And, he is writing about each and every step in the process so everyone call follow along to learn from both the successes and the failures. Follow Matt's Makeover with the introduction of the victim homeowner.

3. Alan Egan at Rent More Weeks

I think what draws me to Alan is that he is also a photographer. And he likes marketing, just like me. But most importantly, Alan shares his opinion on marketing techniques that are based on solid facts. And I like that.

My favorite thing about Alan, and a very good reason to follow him, is his "Photo of the Week" posts. Not only does he just show you a beautiful photo from a vacation rental, but he tells you why it is a good photo.

Just because we like something doesn't mean we are able to explain why we like it. I love that Alan tells the "why" with his posts.

4. Steve Sasman at VR Owner's Guide

Steve is one of the "new kids on the block" when you compare him to the others on this buy tramadol list. But just because he's new doesn't mean he doesn't have some good stuff.

What I like about Steve is that he shares via video. You can read the info, but he also takes the time to walk you through things step by step. For instance, his latest post about electronic rental agreements...Steve's videos show you exactly what to do.

And, he does video interviews of vacation rental industry experts. I hear there is one with a pretty blonde lady talking about photography. 😉

5. Antonio Bortolotti and David Prescod at Vacation Rental Secrets

I just stumbled across Antonio and David and am excited to follow them this year. Just browsing through their blog post titles, I have noticed that they have many different tips that I have not seen elsewhere.

The secrets they share focus on the marketing side of the VR business. Marketing and social media are areas that many vacation rental property owners struggle with, so this should be good!

6. Industry Blogs

Several of the vacation rental industry leading product websites also have blogs full of tips for homeowners. One of the bonuses about these blogs is that the posts are written by a variety of authors.

A few good ones are MyVR, Web Chalet, and Villa Marketers.

7. Communities, Groups, and Forums

Have a question about keyless entry locks? Or maybe wondering how to respond to a guest that raises some red flags?

Head over to one of the vacation rental groups, and you'll receive answers from other vacation rental owners from all over the world. There is the HomeAway Community Forum, the Vacation Rental Owners on Facebook, and several groups on LinkedIn, including Vacation Rental News and Information and Vacation Rentals.

So in 2014, you don't have an excuse for not doing better with your vacation rental property. Do you have another information source that we should follow this year? Please leave a link in the comments below!

Do me a favor? Don't forget to subscribe to the email newsletters of the above industry experts to make sure you get all of their goodies.

P.S. If you want a few good business tips and articles in your email a few times a month, sign up for my email newsletter also. I promise not to send too many emails.

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